Monday, October 15, 2012

Good, very early, morning.
It seems that I went for the long sleep.

As of today, I'm going to give up on the studying I've been doing and try to.. Get a job.
Seeing as my hand still is broken in four places, it might be a tad difficult to get an employment just anywhere. But that'll be something to notice after a few "No"s here and there.

I'll simply be back later today.

Now that I'm back. I've had a meaningful day of... Just kidding, nothing happened today and I've just been walking around home.
Tonight I won't sleep as late as I usually would, and I'll make sure to get out of bed not later than 9am. Maybe then I'll be able to focus the day on things I ought to do. Job, health, food etc etc.

Today I found out that I (seemingly) have a bit of money on a until now secret, only to me, bank account. I think I'll use this little economical boost to get myself as well as things going.
I do after all have a lot of things to buy. Such as clothes, mainly shoes.
Now I'll withdraw, read or watch a film and then sleep.


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