Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good evening dear imaginary readers.

Today I was supposed to do a lot of things, however it all ended up in doing the exact opposite.
Tomorrow it's dentist time, woop-de-doo. It's 10pm at the moment and I'm as tired as I'd be at 4am, something is wrong with me. I've lost all my time to sleep and I even take quick naps during the days now, I'm either growing old or have another downside of malnutrition.

I won't post a picture for this day, simply because my eyes look like red shit.. Yes, red shit.
The tired me seems to have developed a new color of red and it's in my left eye. Rather fascinating if you don't care about the person having it, I don't.

When I wake up tomorrow I'll try and play some bass again, with the goal to be as good as I once was. If we're (I'm) lucky, my hand won't interfere and hurt more than a hammer in your crotch.


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