Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good evening my dear, dear, imaginary readers~
A wild guess for what I've been doing today is: Nothing. But that ain't completely true!
Today I have been speaking English with a Japanese girl, it was horrible. She should have some credits for being the best English speaking Japanese I've ever met/talked to though.

My father asked me to run 11400 meters today. I passed that onto tomorrow instead.. I might wake up at a proper time if I'm lucky and then I can get out and run.

Should I perhaps start travelling again? Or maybe just go somewhere and stay for a few months, get to know people and then leave as things are looking like I'll settle down.
I honestly can't see myself with a home of my own, where things are working out. Maybe I'm just the type of person who's meant to be miserable and after a long while get a home which I despise in loneliness until I finally take my own life.
It's worth a thought.


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