Monday, October 22, 2012

God damn I'm tired.
I'll do this when I wake up.

And there we go!
Good day imaginary readers.

Today I have, so far, applied to a school which'll let me play bass and eat free breakfast for 3 months and pay me 30 Euro a month. Neat. I've called my dentist and a friend who'll cut my hair as well.
Very productive by me, oh so productive.
I'm off to get some kickboxing done in almost an hour, but before that I should make something to eat and check my mail etc etc.

I've been forcing myself to look at what people look like lately. Normally I just pass them by and think or simply ignore however a person might look while I'm wandering around town. But now I've started to try and see what people are wearing and small stuff like.. where they'd place their hands if they're wearing a specific kind of jacket or coat.

Ah yes, picture was it.. I'll have shorter hair on the next one, if we're lucky.


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