Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good evening dear imaginary readers.

Today I was supposed to do a lot of things, however it all ended up in doing the exact opposite.
Tomorrow it's dentist time, woop-de-doo. It's 10pm at the moment and I'm as tired as I'd be at 4am, something is wrong with me. I've lost all my time to sleep and I even take quick naps during the days now, I'm either growing old or have another downside of malnutrition.

I won't post a picture for this day, simply because my eyes look like red shit.. Yes, red shit.
The tired me seems to have developed a new color of red and it's in my left eye. Rather fascinating if you don't care about the person having it, I don't.

When I wake up tomorrow I'll try and play some bass again, with the goal to be as good as I once was. If we're (I'm) lucky, my hand won't interfere and hurt more than a hammer in your crotch.


Monday, October 22, 2012

God damn I'm tired.
I'll do this when I wake up.

And there we go!
Good day imaginary readers.

Today I have, so far, applied to a school which'll let me play bass and eat free breakfast for 3 months and pay me 30 Euro a month. Neat. I've called my dentist and a friend who'll cut my hair as well.
Very productive by me, oh so productive.
I'm off to get some kickboxing done in almost an hour, but before that I should make something to eat and check my mail etc etc.

I've been forcing myself to look at what people look like lately. Normally I just pass them by and think or simply ignore however a person might look while I'm wandering around town. But now I've started to try and see what people are wearing and small stuff like.. where they'd place their hands if they're wearing a specific kind of jacket or coat.

Ah yes, picture was it.. I'll have shorter hair on the next one, if we're lucky.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good evening, or night for once.

Today has been rather interesting.
Woke up early, ate breakfast etc etc, did nothing worth mentioning until the evening and then went to a concert with my mother as well as my brother.
I do like concerts and considering that I studied as a musician for almost 4 years, I look at things and listen for things that others usually do not. In this case that was not needed.
The ones who did the sound check before the concert shouldn't work with whatever they're working with, only 1 microphone was working properly.
The bass-guitar was way lower than everything else and the other guitar wasn't tuned, even tho I saw a guy standing on stage tuning it as I went to sit down. And to top it all off, there was _always_ a roadie running around on stage. Really always. He wasn't sneaky either, he just straight in his back ran around and fiddled with stuff.

I think I fell asleep 5 or 6 times during the concert. They even had a 20 minutes break in the middle, which I unfortunately didn't sleep through.

So well this was a really interesting day. No picture today, because I'm tired and I'm almost sleeping as I write this. Tomorrow instead.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Greetings once again.
Waking up at 2 am really gives you time to think about a lot, as well as do a lot before the day actually starts. I have been watching series, reading and I've eaten breakfast three times, included the one I'm eating now.

Today I'm off to do some kickboxing, with a broken hand. It'll most likely be me ruining all the other muscles  to compensate for the workout my hand/right arm is missing. But it'll still be fun.

Also, as of today the change will start happening. I will see whatever small things I can fix or make right instantly and then go on to the bigger ones. The ones that require money.

I might add something later today, but for now I'll just post today's picture and get changed.

So long.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Good day my dear imaginaries, if imaginary really is able to bend that way..

Today I noticed something. My hand.
I've been wearing this splint on it for 1-2 weeks now and things seemed to get better and better. But when I earlier today took a shower, I decided to remove the splint and clean the hand etc etc.
That was a bad, bad idea. It hurt so much I seriously considered asking my brother to wash me.

The running that I past onto today, will be utterly ignored.
I think I'll just be happy with making something to eat, take another painkiller and listen to music for the rest of the day.
With a little luck, the picture I need for a job has arrived.

Oh, and I think I'll do the "1 picture a day" thing after all. So here's me after a very difficult shower, please notice that I need a haircut.. or at least I must learn to care about how I look.
It's not supposed to be pretty, it's supposed to be me.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good evening my dear, dear, imaginary readers~
A wild guess for what I've been doing today is: Nothing. But that ain't completely true!
Today I have been speaking English with a Japanese girl, it was horrible. She should have some credits for being the best English speaking Japanese I've ever met/talked to though.

My father asked me to run 11400 meters today. I passed that onto tomorrow instead.. I might wake up at a proper time if I'm lucky and then I can get out and run.

Should I perhaps start travelling again? Or maybe just go somewhere and stay for a few months, get to know people and then leave as things are looking like I'll settle down.
I honestly can't see myself with a home of my own, where things are working out. Maybe I'm just the type of person who's meant to be miserable and after a long while get a home which I despise in loneliness until I finally take my own life.
It's worth a thought.