Thursday, October 18, 2012

Good day my dear imaginaries, if imaginary really is able to bend that way..

Today I noticed something. My hand.
I've been wearing this splint on it for 1-2 weeks now and things seemed to get better and better. But when I earlier today took a shower, I decided to remove the splint and clean the hand etc etc.
That was a bad, bad idea. It hurt so much I seriously considered asking my brother to wash me.

The running that I past onto today, will be utterly ignored.
I think I'll just be happy with making something to eat, take another painkiller and listen to music for the rest of the day.
With a little luck, the picture I need for a job has arrived.

Oh, and I think I'll do the "1 picture a day" thing after all. So here's me after a very difficult shower, please notice that I need a haircut.. or at least I must learn to care about how I look.
It's not supposed to be pretty, it's supposed to be me.


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