Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Fresh Start

As this is the first post in a freshly created blog, I guess I should name its purpose.

I'm changing myself back to how I was.

Sounds lame, but I'm also going to tweak a bit on things.
Now, none of the (imaginary) readers know how I used to be. But that's just fine, because the main purpose is changing, not changing back.

I've been thinking about whether I should start take a picture on a daily basis and post it here as well, to see if there is any difference after a few days, weeks or months. But I might just suffocate from thinking that everything's just a huge ego-bomb. We'll see..

Since it's 6.22 AM as I'm writing this, I scarcely believe that I'll be able to post "stuff that happened today" or "this is what I'll be doing this week" oor "I'll be aiming for this, because.."
So I'll just be back after a long sleep, or after a short sleep and some grocery shopping.

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